The concept of a half-off certificate program is not new... your sales staff secures gift certificates from local clients who typically do not spend cash. You then create a marketing promotion to sell those certificates for half-price on your website. The fulfillment company handles the transaction and mails the certificate. Simple, right?

Not always. Just saying we'll process credit cards and stuff envelopes does not guarantee billing. IncentRev is the only fulfillment company we know that works with sales & programming from your point of view. We can shorten the time frame to profitability with a program built from our experience as broadcasters.

The incentRev Advantage


No Cost Set-Up
You will never write a check for this program... we cover all costs.

Sales Training
We'll travel to your market and train your staff in person.

Everything you need to manage your program is available online. We print certificates and handle customer service so you manage a "hands-free" program.

This is not set-up and see you later... we're always available to you because we only make money when you sell certificates.

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